Uploading your site

I've done the HTML, now what?

You'll need to upload the site contents to your web space. When your space was activated you would have been provided with all the information required to successfully connect to the homepages server using FTP.
There are a wide variety of FTP programs available. If you are using Windows we suggest CuteFTP (http://www.cuteftp.com). For a collection of other FTP programs available try Tucows or Winfiles.
Paradise.net does not provide technical support for any FTP software.

Using CuteFTP to upload your files...

First you will need to download and install the program. Once the software is installed, run it using either the icon that has appeared on your desktop or from the Start button (click Start, Programs, Globalscape, CuteFTP).

When you first run the program it may request some registration information. You do not need to purchase the software or provide any personal details in order to use the program. If you see the screen shown below the 'Start Trial' or 'Continue Trial' button will allow you to bypass it.
When you run CuteFTP it should automatically display the Site Manager. If not, you can click the 'Site Manager' button in the top left corner of the CuteFTP window.

Click the 'New' button to add a site to the manager, and enter the details you have been supplied with into the relevant boxes.

Label homepage (or similar description)
FTP Host Address homepages.paradise.net.nz
FTP site User Name the username you've been provided
FTP site Password the password for your space
FTP site connection port 21
Having entered the details click the 'Connect' button at the bottom of the Site Manager to connect to the site.
CuteFTP will attempt to connect to the server. If it is unsuccessful an error message will be displayed. If it connects successfully the window will display two lists of files - the left shows the contents of your hard drive, and the right shows the contents of your web space.
To upload your files simply drag and drop them from the left pane to the right (move your mouse cursor over a file, hold down the left mouse button, drag the cursor over and release the button in the right hand side of the window).

Click the 'Yes' button to confirm that the file is to be uploaded.
If a file with the same name as one you're uploading is already in place on the server it will ask you what you want to do. 'Overwrite' will copy the new file over the top of the old file.
As you upload them the files should appear in the right window, showing that they are now in place on your web space.
To delete a file from your webspace right-click once on it, and select 'Delete' from the menu. You can create new directories, rename files and perform other file management tasks in a similar manner.


Information on general usage of CuteFTP available from here. If in need of further assistance the CuteFTP manual is available from here. You'll need the Acrobat Reader (download) to view it.

For more specific problems the CuteFTP knowledge base is available here.

Our FAQ may also be useful.
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