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Can I have more than one email address?

Sure, just log into the Member Services area and request additional email addresses or mailboxes from the Settings section. You need to decide whether you want aliases that direct mail to your main mailbox, or separate mailboxes with their own login and password. You can have up to six email addresses in total.

How can I check my email from another machine or with my web browser?

Use our Webmail page where we have provided a web-based email facility.

How about having our company name instead of paradise.net.nz for email?

Paradise can register your .nz domain name for you!
To register a .nz domain, send an email to webmaster@paradise.net.nz with the following details:
  • The domain name you want
  • A Nameholder name (this can be an organisation or a person)
  • Contact name
  • Contact email address
  • Contact physical address, phone number and fax (optional)
  • Nameholder I.D. and password (if you already have another domain registered with Domainz)
Once that's done we can host your domain name, and with that you can have email like your.fullname@yourcompany.co.nz.

Contact postmaster@paradise.net.nz for further information.

If your question is not answered on these pages, please send an email to: questions@paradise.net.nz or phone us any time on 0800 467272

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