Webmail info


If you're a customer, you can log in to webmail here.

Login page
You can choose your preferred language from the drop-down list on this page.

This page shows the contents of your inbox. The message can be sorted by date, name of sender, subject or size, depending on your preferences. Clicking on any message will take you to the Read Message page.

Read message
This is where your message, along with any attached files is displayed. You can reply to or forward any message from here. Clicking on a sender's name or email address on this screen automatically adds them to your contacts list.

Message composition
Here's where you compose or reply to messages. You can optionally spellcheck your message or attach files to your email.

Contacts list
Any mail addresses you have added from the Read Message page will be listed here. You can also manually add contacts, or edit and delete contacts already in your list.

On this page you can edit the name that appears on any email you send from webmail, as well as optionally changing your email address to any other that you own. There is also space for you to enter a signature text file that will appear at the bottom of any message you send.

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