Online Help
Got a question about - try our new Online Help.

Contact information
If you need to contact, the Helpdesk phone and fax numbers, as well as email addresses for various departments can be found here.

Getting Set Up
A collection of technical data sheets to assist you in registering and configuring your computer are available here.

Access information
All the dialup numbers and server addresses you need to get yourself going with our service are available here.

Homepage help
We've assembled step by step instructions to help you publish your homepage, whether it's your first time creating a site, or you just need a refresher course. This includes Frequently Asked Questions about websites, information about creating and uploading sites, our current webhosting services and links to other sites on the web which contain valuable information about website creation. Click here to check it out.

Terms and Conditions
The Terms and Conditions for customers can be found here.

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