At, we offer two kinds of access plan - Dialup and High speed.

Dialup Plans

A dialup plan is where you're using a telephone line to connect to the net. This kind of plan applies to most people, including just about all home users.

There are no traffic charges - that means you won't be charged for the amount of information you download. With a dialup plan you're only charged for the amount of time you spend online.

To find out more about our inexpensive dialup plans, click here.

High speed Plans

High speed plans are for customers who want a permanent internet connection. This type of plan is ideal for businesses that use the net a lot for research, communication, commerce or other business functions. They also suit the home user that has a need for speed, offering fast downloads and low ping time - all important for online gaming.

High speed plans are traffic based, which means time spent online doesn't matter - instead you only pay for the amount of information you transfer. In all cases you pay for both uploading and downloading information.

To find out more about our high speed plans, click here.

Information about our domain name and webhosting plans is available here.

Please note: All plans are prepaid and operate on a 28 day billing cycle with the exception of plans bundled with other Vodafone services which are based on a monthly billing cycle.

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